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Technological innovations have created new learning platforms and opportunities. One such advancement is Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), a classroom-like learning experience delivered in a web-based environment. It is a convenient and cost-effective way for instructors to interact with learners, facilitate discussions, and answer questions without having to be in the same location. It also bridges the gap between self-paced eLearning and instructor-led classroom training.

When developing your training strategy, a blended learning solution is optimal. Integrating VILT into your learning strategy enhances the program and provides significant cost savings such as reduced travel, accommodations, logistics and time away from the job.

Independent Learning Systems offers a full VILT service including the design, development, delivery (instructor and producer) and state-of-the art presentation studios. Your subject matter experts can focus on learning objectives and content while ILS develops the VILT solution for successful deployment.

Independent Learning Systems can also provide a mobile VILT service where we bring our equipment and producers to your location.

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What It Is - A VILT Sample

The ILS Virtual Instructor-Led Training Solution

1. Content Design and Development

ILS instructional designers and course developers strategically adjust and prepare your content for VILT delivery. Interactivity is key. Courses are designed to be engaging with continuous interaction such as exercises, scenarios, group discussions, polls, whiteboards and other tactics resulting in positive, measurable results. Let the ILS experts prepare the course so that your subject matter experts can focus on the key content.

2. Instructors

ILS can provide experienced instructors or you may elect to have your own instructors deliver the course. The instructor uses best practices, developed by ILS, for effective VILT facilitation and works closely with our producer to make the learning experience interactive, smooth and on-track. While VILT technology supports remote instructors, it is our experience that having the instructor co-located with the producer enhances the learning experience and ensures a professional result.

3. Producer

An ILS producer/moderator supports the instructor and moderates participation in the virtual classroom. This way, the instructor can focus on training and interacting with learners. The producer has in-depth knowledge of web conferencing tools. Audio and visual elements are managed including launching polls, videos, monitoring participant interactions (e.g. chat, raising hand), muting/unmuting, cameras, etc.

4. Technology

ILS leverages the features and functionality of web conferencing software to create interactive and effective VILT courses. With the guidance of ILS, the Instructor utilizes this software during the delivery of the course. The technology also allows VILT courses to be recorded for use as a refresher for learners or for those who could not attend.

5. Studios

Physical VILT studios, specifically designed for online facilitation, are available for your use. They include a presentation area, two large high definition video displays, multiple cameras, studio lighting, and various microphone choices. The producer’s work station is outfitted with broadcasting software as well as audio/video mixing tools to support multiple cameras, video, audio, and digital media sources.

Independent Learning Systems can also provide a mobile VILT service where we bring our equipment and producers to your location.

ILS VILT Pricing

ILS virtual instructors-led training solutions incorporate flexible pricing based on your specific needs. Whether providing the technology for your own Instructors or offering full production capabilities including a production studio supported by our producer.

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